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Writing a thesis (in Darmstadt)

Doing a PhD in Darmstadt isn't that trivial. I've created a mirrorsite with information of the complete process. There is a LaTeX template for a thesis - not obligatory, but very useful!
If you don't know how to fill in the intro part, I have a suggestion.
The PhD in Visualization Starter Kit (PVSK) gives tips on reading, writing, implementing, and debugging.

Writing papers

  • Slides of the presentation 10 ways to get your paper rejected held at the Informatik 2014 conference.
  • The opinion of Joachim Jorge on 10 ways to get your paper rejected at CGA.
  • Writing scientific English for Germans, pdf.
  • Slides of the presentation working in science by Helmut Grabner, TU-Graz & ETH-Zurich.
  • You can also get the slides of the presentation on From (MSc) project to publication - with relevant paper-structuring information. An updated version.
  • Excellent slides on How to write a great research paper by Simon Peyton Jones. They relate to the web site of the Carnegie Mellon University dealing with Advice on Research and Writing
  • At Eurographics 2009, Robert S. Laramee had a very interesting paper in the education track on How to Write a Visualization Research Paper: The Art and Mechanics. You can see his slides here as well.
  • One of the keynote speakers at EG2009, Fredo Durand, at MIT CSAIL, also pointed out the essence of producing properly written papers. He has some Notes on writing online as well.
  • I also tried to generate a "template" representing a conference paper with the important contents in it.
  • Writing a systems paper is difficult. On How (and How Not) to Write a Good Systems Paper you get some advise.

  • The rest of this page consists of potentially useful information that I collected from various sources; please report any additions, dead links, etc.


    Some sites with relevant graphics and vision conferences:
    Computer Vision Conference Listing - USC
    VRVis Conference Calendar
    IAPR Conferences

    Finding relevant literature

    There a numerous ways to find relevant papers. Of course, you can browse the table of contents of conference proceedings and journals. Given a paper, you trace back in time using the references. This can be done on-line as well using the web sites of the publishers of particular conference proceedings and journals.
    Of course you can google for papers.
    A more scientific search can be done with google scholar.
    An extensive overview in Computer Vision can be found on the Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography.
    Given a certain important researcher, you can find her/his publications (with co-authors & conferences/journals) via
    the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography,
    the ACM digital library,
    the Eurographics Digital Library, or
    CiteSeer, to mention some.
    To go into the other direction, you can figure out who cited a specific paper via the ISI Web of knowledge

    Of course we have our own Library notes. Furthermore, we have a collection of books dealing with writing.

    Indices / Rankings

    Journal papers are usually taken serious when they appear in a journal that has an impact factor. Of course, impact factors don't tell everything, but they give at least some idea of how people in the field look at a particular journal.
    Impact factors (that is, importance measures) for conferences are a bit more complicated. In general, you can rely on reputation and publisher - EG, Springer, IEEE, Elsevier, ACM, ...
    Another important measure is the acceptance rate. See e.g.
    Acceptance Rates for Publications in Virtual Reality / Graphics / HCI / Visualization / Vision,
    the resource for computer graphics,
    the resource for computer vision, and
    the resource for multimedia.

    Here are some sites were people express their thoughts on the ranking on particular conferences. They may be a bit biased, but combining the information it should give you an impression of "how the world thinks of this particular conference" (thanks to Gregor Heinrich):
  • a link that's sometimes alive
  • FINAL 2007 Australian Ranking of ICT Conferences
  • Computer Science Conference Rankings
  • Computer Science Conference Ranking Website

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